In unsewered areas household wastes must be connected to approved septic tank systems. Council's Environmental Health Officer must be contacted to obtain a permit to install a septic tank system. Advice is also provided on care and maintenance of these systems.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approves the type of onsite systems that may be installed in Victoria, via a 'certificate of approval system'.

View the approved wastewater treatment systems. The system you instal must appear on this list.



 2018-2019 Application to install or alter an onsite wastewater management system (pdf 110 kb)

Land capability assessment for onsite wastewater management system (pdf 20 kb)

Request for onsite wastewater management system final inspection (pdf 58 kb)

EPA Code of Practice for onsite wastewater management system (pdf 719 kb)


Towards Better Onsite Wastewater Management information sheets

Sheet 1 - Basic design information

Sheet 2 - Package treatment plants

Sheet 3 - Septic tank with sand filter

Sheet 4 - Septic tank with reed bed

Sheet 5 - Split systems

Sheet 6 - Common disposal methods

Sheet 7 - Insitu septic tank systems

Sheet 8 - Licensed plumbing practitioners' responsibilities

Sheet 9 - Service agents' responsibilities

Sheet 10 - Land owners considering installing or altering an onsite wastewater management system

Sheet 11 - Operation and maintenance of onsite wastewater management systems - home owners and renters

Sheet 12 - Land owner - land capability assessment

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