This week is Fire Action Week which means now is the time for Central Goldfields Shire residents to start preparing for the upcoming fire season.

Fire Action Week, 7 to 14 October, is Victoria’s annual fire planning and preparation awareness week.

No matter where you live in Central Goldfields Shire – whether you’re in a town or on a farm – your property is likely to be at high to extreme bush or grass fire risk.

Right now, forecasts show that there is potential for an earlier and longer fire season in Victoria.

Fire Action Week is a time to increase your understanding of the fire risk where you live, prepare your property, and talk to your loved ones about what you’ll do to stay safe from fire.

Residents should also prepare their properties by:

-       Clearing undergrowth and fallen branches

-       Moving firewood away from the house

-       Cleaning leaves from gutters

-       Ensuring that grass is cut

For more information on how to get prepared for summer, go to

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